Woke Activists Gain Power to Influence and Delay Release of Scientific Research

Woke activists can now tamper with scientific research that does not advance gender ideology.

In particular, this extends to many academic publishing journals that use strict ideological guidelines when accepting submissions.

Retraction of Bailey’s Paper Shows How Far the Woke Establishment Can Reach

Prof. Michael Bailey, a psychology professor at Northwestern University, recently had his work rescinded from the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

In cooperation with Suzanna Diaz, Bailey’s paper focused on rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD), a relevant topic given the number of people suddenly feeling they are in the wrong body.

In an exceptionally unusual move, Springer included a publisher’s note on May 16, cautioning readers about the paper and disclosing the removal of one of its supplementary indices, due to ethical concerns.

“Transactivists” responded aggressively to Bailey’s submission, finally coercing the Archives of Sexual Behavior to issue a retraction for the piece.

Scientific Method Developed to Encourage Discovery; Now Politics Determine the Outcome

Paradoxically, Bailey and Diaz’s piece did not contain erroneous information. The data’s accuracy spoke for itself; academics and the parents consented to have the information published.

However, immediately after its official publication, “transgender activists” began demanding the paper be taken down.

An open letter calling for the removal of Kenneth Zucker, the editor-in-chief of the ASB, was published in response to his allowing Bailey’s article to be approved.

Gender ideologues, such as Katy Montgomerie on Twitter, attacked the paper, saying it was authored by “anti-trans activists” and that no evidence (despite Bailey’s data) exists for ROGDs.

The overall pressure would result in a death blow for the ASB and in a retraction, despite the author breaking no integrity standards.

Bailey’s incident is now a relatively common occurrence for academic journals. Authors such as historian Bruce Gilley (for a pro-western publication), psychologists Joseph Cesario, and David Johnson (who found race has nothing to do with police using lethal force) have endured the same wave of collection.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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