Woman Removes “Climate Protestor” From the Road Following Traffic Jam Caused

A video has emerged on social media showing a German woman, nicknamed the “brutal blonde,” forcibly removing a “climate activist” from the road, causing a traffic jam.

Traffic Blockades Organized by “Letzte Generation”

According to a video shared by Letzte Generation (“Last Generation”), an organization that believes humanity is close to extinction due to climate change, the incident took place in Bottrop, Germany. The woman was filmed shouting at a protester and urging them to move from blocking the road.

Letzte Generation has been organizing traffic blockade protests across Germany, frustrating the public.

The video shows the woman forcefully pulling the activist by her hair and removing her from the road.

However, the climate activist returned to the road, only to be grabbed by the hair again and forcibly moved to the side.

Letzte Generation shared the footage on Twitter, along with other videos showing frustrated drivers getting out of their vehicles to clear the roads of protesters.

Authorities Considering Charges Against Motorists

Following the incident, police arrested some Letzte Generation protestors who had been blocking two airports, resulting in numerous flight delays and cancellations.

Law enforcement is currently reviewing videos and photos of the incident to determine if criminal charges should be filed against those who removed the protesters from the road.

The disruptions caused by Letzte Generation have led to 46 flights being delayed, canceled, or diverted in Hamburg.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing stated that Letzte Generation is more focused on engaging in criminal activities than protecting the climate.

Climate protesters causing traffic disruptions have become a common occurrence in the Western world. Despite claiming to promote peaceful disruptions, activists often resort to drastic measures such as gluing themselves to roads, as seen in Berlin.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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