A Chronological Account of the Biden Controversies: Unveiling Indictments and Revelations

In a recent revelation, Larry Kudlow, a renowned commentator, shed light on the ongoing political drama involving the Biden family and former President Trump. Kudlow’s analysis suggests a pattern of indictments against Trump that conveniently coincide with damaging revelations about the Bidens.

Kudlow pointed out that this pattern began when Jamie Comer exposed payments to the Biden family on March 16.

Shortly after, on April 4, Trump faced a criminal indictment in New York, an event Kudlow refers to as the Alvin Bragg fiasco. The timing of these events raises eyebrows, suggesting a possible diversionary tactic.

The saga continued into the spring. On June 8, Republicans scrutinized Biden’s bribery form 1023. The very next day, Trump was indicted over classified documents related to his Mar-a-Lago property. This sequence of events further fuels suspicions of a strategic pattern.

Fast forward to July 26, when the Hunter Biden plea deal fell apart in Wilmington, Delaware.

Almost immediately, Trump was hit with additional charges from Jack Smith regarding alleged cover-ups and maintenance issues. Kudlow argues these charges were a desperate attempt to divert attention from the crumbling Biden plea deal.

Adding to the intrigue, Maria Bartiromo, a prominent figure on FOX and Friends Weekend, made a prediction about future indictments against Trump.

She suggested that lawmakers are pushing for an impeachment inquiry and anticipate a Georgia indictment against Trump within two weeks. Bartiromo believes the Department of Justice (DOJ) is waiting for more evidence against Biden and his family before giving Georgia the green light for another Trump indictment.

Bartiromo’s prediction came on the heels of Devon Archer’s testimony. Archer, a close associate of Hunter Biden, testified that Joe Biden was included in 20 calls where his son arranged influence peddling deals with foreign officials.

Archer also revealed that Joe Biden met with Yelena Baturina, a Russian investor who poured $40 million into Hunter Biden’s real estate ventures and paid him $3.5 million in consulting fees.

Interestingly enough, Baturina was later excluded from Biden’s Russian sanctions list.

In a shocking turn of events, Trump was indicted again by Special Counsel Jack Smith, shortly after Archer’s damning testimony. This marked at least the sixth time that a Trump indictment followed closely on the heels of new evidence implicating the Biden family.

Kudlow and others argue that this pattern is not coincidental but a deliberate strategy by Democrats and the Biden administration to deflect attention from their own controversies. Critics claim this approach is undermining the justice system and damaging America’s reputation, economy, and culture.

As this political drama unfolds, it’s clear the American public deserves transparency and accountability. The timing and nature of these indictments warrant scrutiny and the truth behind these allegations must be brought to light.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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