Adam Kinzinger Hints at the Reality Behind the self-proclaimed “Patriot Front”

At a rally in Portland, Oregon, members of the Proud Boys were confronted by the so-called “Patriot Front” Sunday, resulting in footage of the encounter going viral. 

During the initial confrontation, the Proud Boys asked the “Patriot Front” to leave the event; a few were demasked in public after refusing to leave. 

The overall speculation about the group itself is it’s either comprised of leftists attempting to paint conservatives as neo-Nazis or federal agents doing the same. Regardless, they have nothing in common with the American Right. 

Kinzinger Blows the Cover on “Patriot Group” After Their Expulsion from Portland Rally 

Former Illinois lawmaker and now CNN “senior political commentator” Adam Kinzinger commented via Twitter that these individuals (referring to blue check marks) are expressing joy over what appears to be an attack on federal officers by supporters of MAGA.

Kinzinger followed up by saying while he cannot confirm the exact nature of this incident, it is worth examining the remarks made by “patriots” who claim to have an unwavering affection for America.

Immediately, Kinzinger’s statement was met with a barrage of Twitter users pointing out that he just admitted the “Patriot Front” were federal officers. 

Kinzinger, a former member of the January 6 Committee who was zealous in his crusade against Trump, just dropped a colossal piece of evidence about the federal government’s motives. 

Kinzinger Exposed Very Real Danger to the Constitution and Americans Overall 

The question of why federal officers are pretending to be white supremacists is alarming enough, given it reveals the Department of Justice as politically motivated.    

Nick Arama, an editor at Red State, pointed out that Kinzinger is not even slightly concerned about what he said or its contention. 

Upon setting the fire, Kinzinger fought back and forth with conservatives about the nature of the Patriot Front, attempting to “clarify” what he meant. 

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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