Diversion Tactics: Failed Coup in Russia Masks Discoveries Involving the Biden Family

Last week on Thursday, two testimonies from IRS whistleblowers revealed that Joe Biden had used his son Hunter’s business dealings to sell his political power for profit.

House Republicans released the testimonies, which also made allegations regarding the Department of Justice (DOJ), claiming that the DOJ had worked with the Bidens to shield them from criticism and their involvement in the presidential elections.

Joe’s coughing up millions to cover his tracks

This is probably the biggest story in American politics in the past 50 years, yet it is being overshadowed. Instead, there is a focus on a failed coup in Russia and its potential impact on the conflict in Ukraine.

The Russia story has received significant coverage from major news outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post, while the Biden scandal has been barely mentioned, if at all.

This sheds light on the extent of Biden’s control over the media. It raises questions about his mental capabilities and whether he is as incapable as portrayed.

It requires a mastermind to orchestrate such diversion tactics. Unless someone else is controlling Biden, he may be one of the most cunning presidents to date, despite being praised as a symbol of love and support.

Russia’s “coup” and Titan submersible make headlines but Joe doesn’t

Interestingly, the White House and State Department only started highlighting the “coup” in Russia after the testimonies were released. Otherwise, the story wouldn’t have garnered much attention, if any, as it was primarily meant to divert attention from Biden’s controversies.

The mutiny in question lasted only a few days but received widespread coverage, with CNN praising Biden’s foreign policy skills. However, the real concern lies in the extent of corruption within Biden’s administration. It is alarming that a sitting president was willing to let foreign nationals influence policy decisions for a few million dollars.

It has also been discovered that the Biden administration had prior knowledge of the deaths on the Titan submersible, yet the media has focused on search-and-rescue missions and the possibility of the crew being alive.

This conveniently coincided with the release of the testimonies. Given Biden’s willingness to go to great lengths to maintain power, one could argue that he played a role in the demise of the Titan submersible.

Don’t be swayed by the Biden-controlled media; continue seeking the truth.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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