Almost Butchers of NYC Tourists by Deranged Criminal

New York City is facing a serious crime problem, and there are no indications of it stopping any time soon. The Democratic NYC Mayor, Eric Adams, seems to have abandoned his campaign promise to control local crime that is terrorizing the community.

Many crime-infested cities across the nation have seen an increase in people moving out due to concerns about their safety and the safety of their families. Tourism has also declined as people see the risk as not worth it anymore.

Despite being a major city in America, New York City is starting to be seen in a negative light, much like Chicago. According to the Daily Mail, NYC’s crime problem is so severe that it nearly resulted in a group of innocent tourists losing their lives.

This Could Have Been Really Bad

A group of Romanian tourists in Times Square were unknowingly being followed by Dequon Messiah, who was holding a knife in his right hand. A photographer captured the entire incident on camera, including Messiah getting close enough to one of the tourists to place his left hand on the man’s shoulder.

Fortunately, the tourists were not stabbed or injured. After making contact with the tourist’s shoulder, Messiah walked away and returned to a bench where he had been sitting previously.

Law enforcement was notified of the incident, and Messiah was later taken into custody. He now faces serious charges of criminal weapon possession, harassment, and menacing.

The Bottom Line

New York City must address its crime problem. If the leaders of the community continue to do nothing, they are essentially signing the death warrants of numerous innocent people.

The case involving Messiah is not an isolated incident. There are many other criminals who have committed even worse acts, such as pushing people into the paths of moving vehicles.

At this rate, New York City might as well be known as Gotham City.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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