Biden’s Composure Slips During International Press Conference

Joe Biden’s allies have tried to portray him as a harmless grandfather and moderate Democrat who wants to heal America’s soul. However, Biden’s own actions and behaviors contradict this narrative.

Biden, who is a grandfather, has been known to deny the existence of his youngest grandchild, Navy Joan. He also has a tendency to lash out at people when he disagrees with them or doesn’t like what they say.

Another incident of this behavior arose during a press conference with Finland’s president, according to the Daily Mail.

Threats Against Members of the Press?

When a reporter asked Biden about political instability in the United States and its potential consequences, the president had a meltdown. He replied by saying that he didn’t guarantee anything about political stability and questioned whether the reporter would be able to make it home safely.

Many people are condemning this reaction as unhinged, and some even question whether Biden was threatening the reporter for asking a tough question. It is ironic for Biden to act this way when he has openly advocated for treating everyone with respect and decency.

Reaction From Finland

Finnish journalists who spoke with the media afterward provided interesting feedback regarding Biden’s previous rhetoric. They stated that Helsinki is unlikely to be a dangerous place for anyone trying to make it back home and that Biden should be aware of the city’s reputation for being safe.

Unfortunately, Biden’s behavior has become all too common. It’s only a matter of time before he lashes out again when faced with a difficult question.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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