Cocaine Investigation Concludes: Secret Service Unable to Identify Suspect Despite Recorded Evidence

The Secret Service has reported that no fingerprints or DNA were found on the container of cocaine discovered. The illegal substance, which was in a small, dime-sized zipper-lock baggie, weighed less than one gram. 

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene asked the USSS if they conducted any drug tests on the 500 suspects, but they replied that they did not and were unwilling to do so.  

Democrats argue that conducting drug tests on all potentially involved individuals would violate their rights, as the area was used by guests rather than White House personnel. 

Senator Tom Cotton and House Oversight and Reform Committee Chair James Comer have both requested briefings from USSS Director Kimberly Cheatle. However, she has not provided them by the deadline of July 14. 

Secret Service’s Lack of Transparency Contrasts with Trump Era Executives’ Opinion.  

Interestingly, Mark Morgan, the former CBP Director under the Trump Administration and a career FBI agent, believes the case could be solved within 30 minutes. 

Morgan points out that the extensive presence of cameras equipped with facial recognition technology throughout the White House could potentially provide evidence to identify the culprit. 

The silence and withholding of information by Secret Service agents have fueled suspicion surrounding the incident, with some pointing fingers at Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden.  

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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