Body Parts Sent to French President Macron in the Mail

France has been shaken by ongoing riots and violence since police killed an Algerian teen at a traffic stop. Now that the violence is dying down, anger still hasn’t disappeared.

Recently, a very disgusting package was handed to French leader Emmanuel Macron.

On Monday, July 10, Macron received an unidentified package without a return address. His palace staff opened it up and found a severed finger inside.

Police Investigate the Incident

Police investigators swung into action and said the finger was from a living victim. According to police sources, it is already known who the finger comes from.

A source at the official home of the Elysee Palace said the finger was placed inside a refrigerator, the same one in which police officers usually put their snacks, to preserve the conditions necessary for it to be analyzed.

As soon as they had the finger in hand, police took it right away to identify who it belonged to. Through examinations, it was possible to detect that it came from a living human being.

Police were subsequently able to find the person who was also hospitalized.

But Why?

An investigation is being done to better understand the motivation for sending a severed finger.

It seems likely it’s related to the police killing of Nahel and the subsequent riots in which more than 5,500 vehicles were destroyed and more than 1000 properties burned.

To date, a little over 3,000 people have been arrested in connection with the latest round of riots, which saw over 40,000 police officers and authorities deployed throughout France.

France has endured a difficult year full of protests and riots, including the latest riots after Macron made changes to the pension system.

It is believed that this finger may belong to the sender, although it has not been reported if it is a middle finger.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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