Americans Arrested in Cruel Monkey Torture Club

Hundreds of Americans are being investigated as part of a worldwide monkey torture ring.

An indictment has been issued against an adult male from Oregon who is accused of helping organize the online ring under the nickname “Bones.”

This story is a disturbing example of how sadistic some people are becoming, meeting up with other twisted minds via the assistance of the internet.

Meet ‘Bones,’ and ‘Mr. Ape’

Bones has been named as American veteran Christopher Noble, 48, of Oregon. Fellow alleged ringleaders include American citizens “Mr. Ape,” of Florida as well as “the Torture King” and “Sadistic,” a grandmother from Alabama.

These individuals were allegedly producing, sharing, and buying videos of the torture of monkeys. This included paying for specific forms of torture, death, and sick abuses, such as watching a baby monkey be stuck in a blender and murdered.

Noble was charged on June 13 and the others have charges forthcoming, according to investigators.

Hundreds across the US who were participating in dark web and private message monkey torture groups can also expect a knock on the door, according to investigators.

What Are the Accusations?

According to the US Attorney’s office, Noble shared and paid to make videos of monkeys being murdered. He wrote in group chats about his enjoyment of monkey’s having their bones “pulverized” and also having their genitals cut off.

Mr. Ape ran a chat room online that helped sell monkey torture videos from his mom’s basement, while “the Torture King,” Mike McCartney is accused of participation in similar schemes.

Alabama grandma Stacey Storey claims she has been hacked, but investigators say she knowingly participated in the sickening torture video ring, going by the name “Sadistic.”

What Happens Now?

McCartney is an ex-con who used to be in a biker gang. He says he decided he was against the group after joining it and wanted to bring it down from the inside.

The videos apparently started out in less graphic form on YouTube before moving to the dark web and private Telegram groups, including this one, nicknamed the “Ape’s Cage,” which had over 400 members.

If found guilty, those involved face up to seven years in prison.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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