What Led to Nancy Pelosi’s Substantial Wealth?

Former President Trump recently raised a very important question during an interview on Fox News.

As Trump asked, how is it possible for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to have a fortune valued at more than $125 million? She certainly didn’t accumulate this kind of wealth based on her political salary over the years!

The Persecution of Trump’s Family

On Monday, June 19, Trump participated in an interview on Special Report on Fox News with Bret Baier. Baier was asking Trump how his political career impacted his family. Trump admitted that the whole process has been very distressing for his family.

Trump emphasized his second son, Eric Trump, as an example. Trump said Eric has always been a good kid, excelling in school and in business.

However, as soon as Trump went into politics, Eric was constantly surveilled, watched, chased by gossip hounds, and hack reporters. Trump claimed that his family is probably the most subpoenaed in the world.

He added that his family has faced unfounded accusations of corruption and nepotism, which has been a unique experience that nobody else has gone through.

Trump stated that his other children are also doing well but have felt the pressure of their father being a politician and the constant attacks against him affecting them.

He contrasted this with Pelosi and her family, who seemingly face no pressure to address their conflicts of interest and scandals.

Calling Out Grift?

Trump pointed out that his children could have taken advantage of their father’s position in politics but they didn’t, unlike many other politicians, including Pelosi. Trump questioned how Pelosi’s wealth, currently valued at over $125 million, is possible given her $150,000 annual salary.

There’s no doubt that Pelosi has been involved in questionable projects, and her husband, Paul, was previously accused of insider trading using her information. She has long been associated with the globalist agenda, and as Trump implied, it can result in financial gain.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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