Americans Cast Their Judgment on Woke Pandering

Every June, large companies make a habit of acknowledging Pride Month, changing their company logos on social media platforms to rainbows, and otherwise expressing their support for the LGBTQ community.

On top of this, Americans are regularly exposed to Pride rallies. Problems have emerged with this, amid viral images of children being forced to see men in scantily clad attire, women’s clothes, or even bondage and BDSM gear.

Large corporations have also been called out for increasing levels of woke pandering. Now, breaking news from the Gateway Pundit reveals most Americans want all of this insanity to end.

The People Have Spoken

A Summit Ministries poll shows more than six in ten Americans understand that exposing kids to gender ideology, transgenderism, and drag shows has adverse impacts on their critical development.

Another poll from the same organization also confirmed that almost three-quarters of Americans want companies to stay out of politics and culture wars.

Coincidentally, companies like Disney that opt to inject themselves into these controversial issues end up taking considerable financial hits.

Data from Summit Ministries finally shows that most Americans believe people who insist on exposing children to transgenderism, gender ideology, and drag shows have a nefarious agenda in doing so.

Enough is Enough

People have become so fed up with woke pandering that polls also show most Americans support boycotts on companies that just can’t help themselves. Already, places like Target, Disney, and Bud Light are experiencing these boycotts firsthand.

Prominent companies are supposed to be selling products with mass appeal to the majority of the population, not making political or social statements.

There was a time when businesses didn’t involve themselves in these sorts of issues. All things considered, everyone would be better off — and happier — if companies went back to the days of sidestepping woke pandering.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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