Americans May Soon Face Higher Cost of Living

With the Biden administration running things, life has become unnecessarily expensive for Americans. Despite the White House’s claims that passing new spending measures would lower costs, inflation continues to be a problem.

As businesses have to pay more money to operate and avoid going under, the costs are being passed down to consumers. Consequently, some Americans are forced to seek additional jobs or side hustles just to make ends meet.

There’s no sign of this situation improving anytime soon. In fact, breaking news from the Gateway Pundit reveals that Americans’ cost of living problems could worsen significantly.

Mileage Tax Coming Soon?

Multiple states across the country are experiencing the consequences of Biden’s inflation, leading to a decrease in revenue from fuel taxes.

To compensate for the shortfall, several states are considering implementing a mileage tax for their residents. This would require drivers to attach a device to their cars to track their miles over a given period of time, calculating the amount owed in taxes.

All of this is a direct result of wasteful spending and other detrimental policies enacted by the Biden administration.

One Way Out

Unsurprisingly, the last thing Americans need right now is more taxes. However, if Biden isn’t voted out of office next year, many states are likely to impose mandatory mileage taxes, leading to further hardships for individuals.

Throughout his time in the White House, Biden has consistently rejected calls to reduce spending and embrace fiscal responsibility. If given another term, his current actions will only continue and worsen.

Americans who don’t want to deal with a mileage tax or further hardships resulting from another Biden term must ensure he’s out of office by January 2025.

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