The Wagner Group Leader’s Disappearance Puts a Halt to the Brief Threat on Putin’s Rule

The Wagner group, which initially posed a serious threat to Putin’s authority, has now gone silent as their leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has practically disappeared.

It is widely speculated that Putin is likely responsible for Prigozhin’s disappearance, as he has a history of eliminating anyone who opposes him.

Rebellion silenced in record time

The group’s demand for the removal of the current Defense Minister and their storming into Russia caused shock and concern nationwide.

However, this rebellion was short-lived and quickly extinguished, as many observers anticipated.

According to Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, the whereabouts of the Wagner group leader are still unknown, despite Prigozhin’s recent meeting with the Defense Minister.

The meeting was arranged to prevent the mercenaries from advancing towards Moscow, which could have triggered a full-scale rebellion and potentially threatened Putin’s leadership.

Rather than assuring Prigozhin’s safety, Peskov stated that the group’s leader would not face prosecution for his actions and would be exiled to Belarus once the rebellion is quelled.

Prigozhin to be exiled to Belarus

Those who participated in the rebellion alongside Prigozhin will face the same fate due to their involvement in the Russia v. Ukraine conflict, while those who did not take part will be given the opportunity to join the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Peskov stated that he is unable to disclose any additional information about Prigozhin’s activities in Belarus after his exile.

However, there is little evidence to suggest that Prigozhin is still alive. Given that the Wagner group poses a threat to Putin’s rule, it would not be surprising to discover his eventual demise in the coming months.

Ultimately, the failed coup has left the Russian people bewildered and yearning for more of what they briefly experienced.

However, one positive outcome of this failed attempt to incite a revolution in Russia is that the assault on Ukraine is finally subsiding. We may be witnessing the end stages of the Ukrainian war.

Since the invasion began, the Russian military has struggled to combat the formidable resistance from the Ukrainian army. They have been forced into a losing battle with limited resources, while Ukraine continues to receive support from the international community.

Despite predictions that the war would end quickly, it has dragged on for over a year. With Putin’s control over various military groups in Russia weakening, there is a chance that Ukraine may emerge victorious.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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