Americans Now Accuse Chemical Plant of Poisoning

Months ago, Americans learned about the devastating spill of toxic chemicals in Ohio, following a train derailment. This led to numerous members of the community falling ill and experiencing long-lasting health complications.

Even wildlife and animals were adversely affected by the spill.

While health officials assured that everything was being done to address the situation and clean up, many Americans had their doubts. Some even accused officials of covering up the incident and not being completely transparent.

Now, a similar case of harmful chemicals affecting Americans has come to light, this time in North Carolina, as reported by the Daily Mail.

This May Shock You

Multiple North Carolina residents claim that the Fayetteville Works factory plant is responsible for disposing various toxins into the nearby air and water. Community members also assert that this has been an ongoing problem for decades.

Wilmington resident Beth Markesino, for instance, shares that her son died shortly after consuming contaminated tap water. In response, she founded the organization Stop Gen-X in Our Water to raise awareness about the issue.

Meanwhile, military veteran Mike Watters has been diagnosed with levels of forever chemicals that are 14 times higher than normal. Watters, who has lived near the Fayetteville Works plant for years, has experienced health problems such as blood clots and heart attacks.

Even more disturbingly, Watters’ dogs died after suffering severe chemical burns and fur loss.

Little Attention From the Mainstream Media

The stories of Markesino, Watters, and other North Carolina residents facing major health issues due to dumped chemicals should be making national headlines. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any significant indication that Fayetteville Works will be held accountable for its detrimental impact on the community.

It is deeply unacceptable that people and their pets are suffering from major health problems caused by dumped chemicals. State officials should intervene and demand accountability from Fayetteville Works, or else more individuals (and animals) will continue to suffer.

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