Jason Aldean Receives Support from Legendary Rock Star Ted Nugent

This month, country music star Jason Aldean released a new song called Try That in a Small Town.

Shortly after its release, the song went viral and reached the top of the charts. However, leftists criticized Aldean, accusing him of promoting racism and glorifying past lynchings of African-Americans.

In response to these allegations, Aldean issued a statement denying any racist intentions and clarifying that Try That in a Small Town is about a close-knit community supporting one another.

Now, rock star Ted Nugent is defending Aldean’s new song, as reported by Fox News.

Setting the Record Straight

During a recent interview, Nugent emphasized that critics labeling Aldean’s hit song as racist are spreading lies. Nugent stated that the song actually condemns violence and promotes self-defense.

Before describing Aldean’s critics as “weird” and soulless, Nugent also mentioned that Democrats often get these issues wrong.

Nugent’s defense of Try That in a Small Town has garnered support from conservatives, who are standing behind Aldean and his song.

Pushing Back Against Leftist Criticism

Associating racism with small towns is a common tactic used by left-wingers. However, a careful listening of Aldean’s lyrics will reveal that the allegations of promoting violence or lynchings are baseless.

On social media, Aldean continues to promote his new hit and express gratitude to his millions of fans for their support.

Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets like the New York Times persist in spreading false narratives about Aldean’s song being racist and endorsing lynchings.

After Nugent’s defense of Try That in a Small Town, he received an outpouring of support and praise from conservatives.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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