Joe Rogan Declines Invite to Host President Trump on His Podcast

Many Americans are very familiar with the Joe Rogan Experience. This podcast has been going on for years, with Rogan interviewing all sorts of people from Daily Wire host Candance Owens to comedian Andrew Schultz and even left-wing Sen. Bernie Sanders.

However, of all the big names to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience, former President Trump is not one of them. Apparently, this is not unintentional, as Rogan’s made it clear he has no intention of letting the former president appear on his podcast.

Breaking news from the New York Post also sheds light on what Rogan really thinks of Trump.

Trump Blacklisted?

On multiple occasions, Rogan has stated he’s not a fan of the former president and doesn’t want to have him on the Joe Rogan Experience. So far, Rogan’s stood by this, despite certain calls for him to interview the former president anyway.

Notwithstanding many Rogan listeners being fans of Trump, the podcast host still says he doesn’t want to contribute to platforming the ex-president.

Meanwhile, an unnamed Trump adviser suggested that Rogan would actually be doing himself a favor and expanding his audience by agreeing to have Trump on the Joe Rogan Experience.

More From Rogan

In other remarks, the popular podcast host stated that Trump’s tried multiple times to get on the Joe Rogan Experience, but to no avail.

During a previous episode of his podcast, Rogan also dismissed Trump as a “man-baby” who appears to be hooked on Adderall amid seeking the White House again.

Nevertheless, multiple reports indicate that Rogan is still an influencer who Trump tunes into on occasion. Another unnamed aide of the former president also stated that Trump takes criticism from Rogan with a grain of salt.

All things considered, it seems as though Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Trump to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.