Are Chicago’s Gun Laws Enabling Criminal Activity?

In the heart of America, Chicago’s strict gun laws are proving to be beneficial for armed criminals. The city’s law-abiding citizens, who are disarmed by these regulations, have become easy targets for those who choose to break the law.

Within a span of twelve hours, at least 30 people were victims of armed robbers, including a news crew reporting live from the scene of a previous robbery.

The incident involving the news crew occurred in the early hours of Monday on the 1200 block of North Milwaukee. Three or four masked men, armed with a rifle and handguns, approached the crew and robbed them.

The robbers, described as black males wearing ski masks, arrived in a black SUV and a gray sedan. They quickly took the victims’ belongings and fled southbound. This was the second time this month that a Chicago TV news unit had been targeted.

Earlier that night, a woman was carjacked on the same block. Three men emerged from a blue sedan, one of them brandishing a gun, and stole her white Ford Escape.

These incidents are part of a concerning trend of increasing robberies across the city, with criminals seemingly unafraid of being caught.

The most recent annual report from the Chicago Police Department paints a grim picture. In 2021, arrests were made in only 28% of reported robberies.

This number dropped to a mere 20% last year. Out of 8,973 reported incidents, arrests were made in only 1,807 cases. This means that the majority of armed robbers go unpunished, leaving their victims violated and defenseless.

The state of Illinois and the city of Chicago have made it difficult for residents to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense. However, there have been instances where armed citizens have successfully defended themselves against attackers.

Perhaps it’s time for employers, like the TV station, to provide their staff with the necessary training for a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit. This could equip them with the means to protect themselves if they are targeted again.

According to the Chicago police, a gray sedan was used in multiple robberies over the weekend, with dozens of victims recounting similar encounters with armed men.

Although homicides in Chicago have decreased by around 7% this year compared to 2022, the number of reported robberies is increasing rapidly.

Alderman Daniel La Spata promised his constituents over a month ago that the police had a “concrete and collaborative plan” to address the rampant robberies. However, despite some successes, the robberies continue unchecked.

Robbery reports have increased by 22% this year, with areas like Humboldt Park, West Town, and Logan Square being heavily affected. In the Austin District, robberies have increased by a staggering 107% this year.

Chicago’s restrictive gun laws are failing the city’s residents. Instead of protecting the innocent, they are empowering the criminals. It’s time to reassess these policies before the city remains hostage to those who disregard the law.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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