Audible Noises Detected From the Sunken Titanic Submarine

In the news and on social media, Americans have quickly become aware of the Titanic submarine that’s sunk and is now missing. The race is on to find this submarine and rescue the individuals on board, since their time is very limited.

As the search continues, some people have questioned how this submarine was cleared for anyone to get on board. Likewise, there are even some speculations that there’s more to this story than what’s being publicly shared.

In any event, new developments are here that Americans deserve to be aware of. According to the Gateway Pundit, sounds from this submarine have been heard.

A New Turn of Events

Based on audio from the submarine playing twice each hour, it’s come to light that CEO and founder of OceanGate Stockton Rush is on board.

Rush made previous headlines when he spoke about wanting to have a team that was demographically diverse, rather than mostly white and male.

However, as people pointed out time and time again, individuals’ qualifications (rather than their race or gender) should ultimately determine whether or not they get certain jobs.

So far, all the folks aboard OceanGate remain stranded as the search party is still underway.

It’s Not Looking Good

Being stranded underwater with no way out is inherently scary. It’s clear that more precautions and work should have been done on this submarine before it was cleared for people to get on board for a trip.

In the meantime, reports indicate that if these folks aren’t found soon, it may be too late. They could run out of air, become dehydrated, or otherwise face a litany of other problems that aren’t conducive to their survival.

Per the leaked audio, people trapped on OceanGate have been loudly knocking on the walls of the submarine, hoping that someone will hear them.

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