New AI Technology Can Determine Your Political Preferences Simply by Analyzing Your Facial Features

We have made significant progress in technology since the days of the Commodore 64. Computers can now perform complex calculations and even possess their own intelligence. However, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) raises concerns among those who oppose creating sentient beings. AI technology has primarily been hosted on computer processors, and this has sparked debate.

AI now knows whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican

Contrary to what we see in movies like Terminator, AI programs are far from taking over the world. However, the abilities of AI can be concerning. Recent AI technologies can accurately determine a person’s political preferences by analyzing their facial features.

It has been observed that AI can discern political stances with remarkable accuracy based on facial expressions. Conservatives are often seen smiling in pictures, whereas left-wing individuals tend to have more neutral expressions. Although this may not reveal much about a person’s political beliefs to humans, AI can make accurate predictions.

Can AI be woke?

The AI program did not learn to discern political preferences on its own. A team of scientists trained the AI to identify the differences between members of different political groups. Although true intelligence may still be far from reach, the ability of AI to accurately predict a person’s political affiliation with over 60% accuracy is impressive.

While humans may not be as consistent as AI in this regard, it is worth noting that Democrats often assume all minority group members are their voters.

There are ethical boundaries that should never be crossed. AI is being used for various purposes, some of which were considered unethical in the past. For example, China uses AI for mass surveillance, easily identifying those who oppose the regime. The potential capabilities of AI in the near future remain uncertain, and we may unknowingly reach a point where the rule of robots becomes a reality.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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