Ben and Jerry’s face major consequences for their cultural insensitivity towards Native Americans

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is a major ice cream company in America, earning an average of $450 million in revenue per year.

The owners, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, are known to be left-leaning individuals who sold the company to Unilever, a soap and food company, in 2000.

Cohen and Greenfield have previously shown support for socialist Bernie Sanders, and their actions are often seen as virtue-signaling. However, they are now facing public backlash from a Native American tribe that they claim to support.

What’s the Big Controversy?

Cohen and Greenfield have frequently discussed their support for the poor, minorities, women’s rights, and other causes. However, they recently expressed their disdain for America, claiming it is built on “stolen land.”

In response, the Abenaki tribe, a Native American tribe in Vermont, requested the return of their land, which includes several of Ben and Jerry’s main factories.

Chief Don Stevens of the Abenaki Nation made this request as reclaiming the land would be a significant step towards asserting their rights.

Surprisingly, Cohen and Greenfield have not responded to the request. It seems they are not as eager to discuss giving back the land they acknowledge to be stolen Native American land. Quite a surprising turn of events, isn’t it?

Finding the ‘Best Path Forward’

Chief Don Stevens is open to dialogue. He expressed his willingness to discuss the “best path forward” with Cohen and Greenfield regarding the return of the land.

If Cohen and Greenfield truly believe that America was stolen, then they should fulfill their duty to return the land to the specific tribe claiming it.

So when will the transfer of ownership take place?

The Bottom Line

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are known for their liberal views but often fail to take real action. Perhaps they should try opening a business in China to experience firsthand the treatment of minorities and women’s rights there.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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