Canadian Leader Justin Trudeau Appears to Sustain Serious Injuries – Breaking

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau is facing criticism for his handling of truckers’ demands for basic freedoms and his support for COVID vaccines. Recent footage from his appearance in Calgary, Canada, shows Trudeau apparently experiencing a problem with his left hand.

Trudeau’s Terribly Twisted Hand Raises Serious Concerns

The Calgary Stampede, a major rodeo event, provides an opportunity for Canadian politicians like Trudeau to connect with the public. During a pancake breakfast event, video footage captured Trudeau’s left hand contorted in what appears to be an abnormal shape.

While Trudeau was promoting his support for Ismaili Muslims, his hand movements revealed a potential nerve or musculoskeletal disorder. The severity of the issue raises concerns.

What Is Going On?

This unusual hand movement could be attributed to a muscular spasm disorder like trigger finger or another condition. Considering the numerous reported vaccine injuries, it raises questions about the potential link between Trudeau’s support for vaccines and his hand condition.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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