White House Confirms Biden Family’s Presence During Cocaine Discovery

The Biden White House is currently banking on the fact that the perpetrator who left cocaine on
the floor
may never be found

For having one of the world’s most advanced security systems, it seems very unlikely that
the perpetrator got away so quickly.

Still, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seems content to shield the Bidens from accusations about Hunter’s rakish behavior.

Progressive Left Caving on False Story They Have Given the American People

According to Fox News, President Joe Biden departed for Camp David with his wife, Jill Biden,
his son, Hunter Biden, and Hunter’s son, Beau Biden, that evening around 6:34 p.m.

Before they departed from the White House, Biden was said to have been in the Roosevelt Room.
Shortly after leaving, cocaine would be found at the entry to the West Wing and immediately
quarantined by the Secret Service.

The entrance to the West Wing was described as an area that experienced a high volume of human
traffic, especially for the president, his family, and secretaries.

Jean-Pierre Will Defend the Biden Regime Without Question

On June 30, Jean-Pierre grew agitated when a New York Post reporter asked if the cocaine did belong to the Biden family.

In a swift rebuttal, Jean-Pierre accused the NYP White House correspondent of “irresponsible
reporting” about the family. She then shut down any other questions.

In the tradition of most progressives, scandals become vague. This leaves the public with an
unclear set of events as to what happened.

Later, Jean-Pierre reiterated the Biden family was not present at the location in question
during the specified timeframe. She also began emphasizing the family was at Camp David from
Friday to Monday and only returned on Tuesday.

Now, it appears NBC is reporting the cocaine was found in an entirely different location:
another “heavily trafficked area” between the foyer and a lower-level lobby.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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