Biden Administration Faces a Substantial Lawsuit

The Biden administration is facing a significant lawsuit related to Hunter Biden and his actions. Specifically, the America First Legal Foundation (AFL) has sued the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland for their role in allowing Hunter Biden to violate federal law.

The lawsuit claims that Hunter Biden failed to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) while representing foreign interests during the Obama administration.

According to the lawsuit, this means that Hunter Biden did not declare himself as representing the interests of a foreign government or corporation pursuing goals within the United States, as required by FARA.

Hunter Broke FARA Laws

The AFL’s lawsuit alleges that Hunter Biden violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938. This law requires individuals, both citizens and non-citizens, to register themselves if they are representing the interests of a foreign government or corporation pursuing goals in the United States.

In simpler terms, if someone acts as a lobbyist for a non-US government or company, they must officially declare it.

While working for the Burisma energy company in Ukraine, Hunter Biden represented their interests to the Obama administration and his father, who was the Vice President at the time.

Hunter Biden was lobbying on behalf of a foreign company as a board member and lawyer, and both his father and the Department of Justice (DOJ) were aware of it. However, they did not require him to file the necessary FARA documents to declare his representation of the foreign company, which is a serious offense.

The Lawsuit is Progressing

The AFL states that there is direct evidence of WhatsApp messages from Hunter Biden, showing that he engaged in foreign business lobbying with his father’s knowledge.

In one message, he even mentions sitting in a room “with my father” and threatens the company CEFC to pay him the promised money.

In essence, Hunter Biden used his father’s position to provide favors to foreign companies, including Burisma. Failing to properly declare his actions makes the situation even worse.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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