FBI Director Under Fire for Questionable Tactics: Investigation Initiated

The FBI is facing significant criticism for its questionable tactics and selective implementation of the law, leading to a loss of trust from the American people.

Additionally, since the start of the Biden administration, the FBI has been accused of deliberately covering up crimes involving the president and his family.

FBI Director Christopher Wray is facing scrutiny for his inability to restore the agency’s image and reputation. As more information emerges, public skepticism towards Wray is growing.

During questioning by GOP Rep. Victoria Spartz, Wray was likened to the KGB by the Indiana congresswoman, who has personal experience living in Ukraine during the Soviet Republic era.

Congresswoman Spartz criticized the FBI for its censorship, surveillance, and intimidation tactics, drawing comparisons to the KGB’s methods.

Spartz urged Congress to thoroughly investigate the FBI and develop measures to protect Americans from the agency’s abuses.

Lack of Transparency from Wray

Throughout the questioning, FBI Director Wray failed to provide satisfactory explanations regarding the agency’s operations. This is not the first time his testimonies have left much to be desired.

Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate are determined to seek answers and hold the FBI accountable for its actions. It appears that it will take time for the agency to regain the trust of the American people.

This article originally appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been republished here with permission.

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