Chinese Lab in California Exposed Numerous Americans to Pathogens

Thousands of Americans may have used coronavirus and pregnancy tests produced at an unsanitary, Chinese-operated bio lab that stored hazardous viruses.

The research facility operated out of a warehouse in Reedley, California, was run by Universal Meditech Inc., a firm close to China. Law enforcement busted the lab earlier this year, discovering shelves, freezers, and boxes full of dangerous pathogens like malaria and meningitis.

Poorly stored voile, chemicals, diseased mice, blood, and tissue samples were cluttered in unmethodical conditions. Investigators still need to learn what the blood or plasma samples were intended for or their origin.


The FDA recalled 56,300 Universal Meditech coronavirus tests, sold in California and Texas earlier this year, as they had not received approval for sale in the first place. The test was reportedly distributed as far back as October 2021.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert from Vanderbilt University, said the tests manufactured at the lab carry a massive risk of contamination given the unclean environment.

Given the warehouse’s toxic conditions, the diagnostic results would give off false positives and negatives.

It’s so far unknown who operated the lab and demands answers regarding the identities of lab employees; records of their employment have been withheld from officials and the public.

Government entities are closely guarding any additional information they may have about the origins and purpose of the lab.

Both the Food and Drug Administration and the California Department of Public Health stated they do not disclose details of ongoing investigations to the press.

Before moving into the now-defunct warehouse, the company’s president, Xiuquin Yao, had numerous employees and lab materials transferred to the location from a previous building in Fresno, California.

Prestige BioTech formerly owned the Reedley location, but sold out to the Chinese-backed Universal Meditech Inc. and reopened the warehouse without a license.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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