Revealing the Reality: Uncovering WEF’s Secret Agenda Behind Climate Lockdowns

Nicole Schwab, daughter of World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab, has revealed that permanent ‘climate lockdowns’ are on the horizon, regardless of our preferences.

This surprising disclosure occurred during a WEF panel discussion in 2020, but has only recently come to light.

According to Nicole Schwab, the COVID-19 pandemic provided a “tremendous opportunity” to assess public compliance with the WEF’s ambitious plan known as the ‘Great Reset’.

This plan aims to bring about a radical shift in our economic system, with nature at its core.

The WEF has been advocating for climate lockdowns since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have praised the global population’s compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, suggesting that similar obedience can be expected when it comes to measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

An article titled “My Carbon: An Approach for Inclusive and sustainable cities,” published by the WEF, proposes using fear tactics to impose further restrictions on the public.

The article discusses strategies to persuade people to embrace personal carbon allowance programs, highlighting how advancements in tracking and surveillance technology can overcome political resistance to such initiatives.

The WEF praises the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, noting how billions of people worldwide accepted numerous restrictions for public health.

These measures included social distancing, mask-wearing, mass vaccinations, and the acceptance of contact-tracing applications. The organization suggests that the public would likely respond similarly in other areas of life, including efforts to combat climate change.

Nicole Schwab emphasizes that the COVID-19 crisis has shown our ability for rapid change when confronted with an immediate threat to our livelihoods.

She sees this as a golden opportunity for a ‘Great Reset’, using the increased influence that policymakers currently have to bring about significant change. This change, she argues, should not be gradual but transformative, with nature at the center of our economy.

Schwab also points out the potential for job creation and nature regeneration within the business and economy sectors. She cites regenerative agriculture as a key example of how innovation, technology, and business growth can have a positive impact on nature.

In conclusion, the WEF’s promotion of the ‘climate emergency’ narrative and their plans for permanent climate lockdowns raise serious concerns about our future. As citizens, it is crucial that we stay informed and critically evaluate these proposed changes to our way of life.

After all, the choices we make today will shape the world of tomorrow.

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