Cult Leader, Whose Infamy Precedes Him, Alleges FBI Frame-up, Calls for Fresh Trial

Cult leader Keith Raniere is currently serving a 120-year sentence in jail for leading the infamous NXIVM cult and his own private inner circle sex ring called DOS.

Despite being previously denied a new trial, Raniere is now claiming that the FBI planted underage photos on his computer and that the investigation into him was flawed.

This marks Raniere’s third attempt at securing a new trial. While it is unlikely to be granted, there is a possibility that a judge may consider the merit of his claim and allow him to prove his innocence once again.

What We Know So Far

Raniere’s previous attempts to secure a new trial were unsuccessful. In his latest attempt, he claims that the FBI planted photos of one of his DOS sex slaves, who was only 15 years old at the time, on his computer.

Prosecutors argue that they already presented evidence during the trial that Raniere took these photos and kept them on his computer. Journalist Frank Parlato, who helped expose NXIVM, also supports this claim.

Raniere began a sexual relationship with Camila, his former DOS sex slave, in 2005 when she was 15 years old and he was in his forties. Camila testified under oath that Raniere took naked photos of her in bed and instructed her on posing and actions.

Actress Allison Mack, involved in the NXIVM cult’s sex-trafficking ring, was recently released from prison after serving her sentence.

The Sick Truth

The evidence of Raniere’s sexual abuse and grooming of Camila is well-established, supported by medical evidence. The development of Raniere’s new trial request will be closely monitored.

Raniere falsely claimed to his followers that he was the “smartest” man on earth and could solve issues such as war, poverty, and mental illness. Despite his imprisonment, he still has deluded followers who believe in him.

One would expect him to come up with a better excuse for a new trial if that were the case.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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