Epstein Engaged in Trafficking Vulnerable Individuals, Including Autistic Children with Down Syndrome

Alarming allegations have surfaced in court documents filed against private equity investor Leon Black.

These documents have revealed that the sex trafficking network led by the late financier Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls who had autism and Down syndrome.

A lawsuit filed by a woman with autism and Down syndrome states that when she was 16 years old in 2002, she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and his now-incarcerated partner Ghislaine Maxwell, who subsequently handed her over to various individuals, including tycoon Leon Black.

The identity of the woman who claims to have been raped by Black 21 years ago is not disclosed in the court filing, as reported by The Daily Mail reports. The victim of this sex trafficking ordeal also endured “atrocious abuse” at the hands of other men.

Her traumatic experience began when a woman named “Elizabeth” groomed her in 2001 before introducing her to the despicable couple mentioned earlier. According to the woman’s court filing, she was then groomed by Maxwell, who referred to her as a “doll” and a “beautiful darling.”

According to the woman’s complaint, who is now 36 or 37 years old, 71-year-old billionaire Leon Black raped her in 2002 by using sex toys to sodomize her. Black has denied these accusations through his lawyer.

The court documents reveal that the autistic girl, who was 16 years old at the time, first encountered her future trafficker “Elizabeth” at a party on the outskirts of the country’s capital. The trafficker initially helped the girl participate in a cheerleading contest that she was too old for.

Despite appearing older as a teenager, the girl had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old, making her more susceptible to trusting adults.

Epstein and Maxwell took advantage of this vulnerability. According to the court documents, within an hour of entering the pedophile financier’s residence, the girl was subjected to their “sexual deviancy.”

The disturbing account of what followed explains how Maxwell instructed the girl on how to satisfy Epstein sexually, before the girl ended up in the equally depraved hands of Leon Black.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.

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