Exploring the Extent of COVID Vaccine Damages: A Insightful New Series

When the COVID vaccine first came out, everyone was promised this vaccine would be effective and safe to use. People were even bribed and eventually coerced into rolling up their sleeves and taking this shot.

However, there were also folks who always had their reservations. Some individuals warned the COVID vaccine was created in such a hurry that there was no way to do adequate tests to make sure it was as great as advertised.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the COVID vaccine and the efforts to force everyone into getting it, there have been some individuals who suffered adverse side effects.

Now, a brand new docuseries is planning to address this, as confirmed by the Gateway Pundit.

Get Ready For ‘Remedy’

Remedy is going to center around not just adverse impacts from the COVID vaccine, but also vaccines in general. It’ll bring attention to how the CDC plans out and recommends these shots for the public.

Individuals who have undergone vaccine injuries may especially feel inclined to watch Remedy. This docuseries will provide necessary guidance and help these folks find solutions to the very real complications that have befallen them.

So far, Remedy is scheduled to have eight episodes, with the series running from July 26 to August 2.

Time to Face the Music

For the longest time, people who complained or even warned about the possibility of vaccine injuries were written off as conspiracy theorists or unhinged anti-vaxxers.

However, negative reactions to vaccines are real and deserve to be openly discussed. Any and all vaccines hitting the market need to go through the proper procedures to ensure that they’re not going to harm the folks they’re supposed to help.

There is no doubt that Remedy will make a positive difference in the world and provide some much-needed support to those feeling lost.

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