Taiwan Likely to Face Challenging Times Ahead

The small island nation of Taiwan has faced increasing amounts of engagement in recent years. Taiwan has the attention of the larger communist China, which believes Taiwanese land is actually Chinese land and could, one day, invade Taiwan accordingly.

The relationship between Taiwan and China is somewhat parallel to what’s happening with Ukraine and Russia. While China has yet to formally attack Taiwan, it still claims false ownership of the island country and is ramping up its aggression.

Last year, China even went so far as threatening to shoot the plane of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of the sky if she dared to visit Taiwan. Pelosi ended up visiting anyway.

Though recently, the island nation just received what many view as a very negative omen, according to Breitbart News.

The Harbinger of Doom

While a group of divers were in Taiwanese waters, they came across a fish that’s known as the Harbinger of Doom. This oarfish in question is generally associated with various catastrophes, such as natural disasters.

When divers spotted the oarfish, it was also seen with various holes in its body. These holes are believed to have come from sharks in the water.

However, diver coach Wang Cheng-ru isn’t buying into the folklore about the oarfish signaling rough times to come. Instead, Cheng-ru maintains that the fish was likely dying from being attacked, hence its floating into waters that are more shallow.

Ukraine 2.0?

Right now, much of the world is watching to see if Taiwan is going to become the latest target of attacks from China.

So far, the communist regime is attempting to intimidate Taiwan by practicing military exercises very close to the latter. Meanwhile, Taiwan continues to maintain and assert its independence as a nation.

What may lie ahead in the years to come is anyone’s guess.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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