Eyebrows Raised as Maui Police Chief is Connected to Two Significant Disasters

It has been discovered that the current Maui Police Chief, John Pelletier, was also the incident commander during the infamous Las Vegas massacre in 2017.

This startling connection between two devastating incidents has raised serious questions about the integrity of investigations and the potential for cover-ups.

John Pelletier, a seasoned officer with 22 years of service in Las Vegas, relocated to Hawaii and assumed the role of Maui’s Police Chief. His tenure in Las Vegas was marked by his involvement in the worst mass shooting in American history, where he served as the incident commander.

The incident left 58 people dead at a country music festival, a tragedy that still haunts the nation.

The Las Vegas massacre investigation was full of controversy. Local authorities and the FBI failed to provide satisfactory answers regarding the motives of the shooter, Stephen Paddock.

This lack of transparency led to widespread speculation about a possible cover-up. The investigation was further marred by inconsistencies in the timeline and a poorly handled crime scene.

Adding fuel to the fire, the FBI proposed a theory suggesting Paddock was disgruntled with how casinos treated him. This theory was met with widespread skepticism, further eroding public trust in the investigation.

Pelletier’s role as the incident commander during this controversial investigation is now under scrutiny.

Fast forward to the present day, Maui is grappling with its own disaster. Devastating wildfires have claimed nearly 100 lives, with approximately 1,000 people still unaccounted for.

The historic Lahaina town has been reduced to ashes, and residents have resorted to jumping into the ocean to escape the flames.

In the midst of this chaos, Pelletier finds himself once again in the hot seat. As the Maui Police Chief, he is responsible for leading the investigation into the cause of the fires.

However, given his past involvement in the contentious Las Vegas investigation, many are questioning whether the truth behind the Maui fires will ever come to light.

Social media platforms are abuzz with comments from concerned citizens. Many are expressing their disbelief at the eerie coincidence of Pelletier’s involvement in both disasters.

Some even suggested his presence warrants a deeper look into his professional conduct, citing previous complaints filed against him by his own officers.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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