Former NFL Star Goes Missing, Holds FBI Accountable for Mother’s Tragic Murder

Former National Football League (NFL) player Sergio Brown has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Even more startling are his claims the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is responsible for his mother’s murder.

Brown, who had an illustrious seven-year career in the NFL, playing for teams such as the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills, vanished without a trace.

His disappearance came to light after a neighbor reported seeing him burn his mother’s clothes before he went missing. This information was relayed by Chicago news radio station WBBM, sparking widespread concern and intrigue.

The mystery deepened when Brown resurfaced in a video on Instagram, where he made some bizarre allegations about his mother’s death. He claimed the FBI or the local Maywood Police Department were behind the murder.

In his own words, “It had to be the FBI that came into my house on Bob Marley’s death day with the 511 haze and gas, unwarranted.” He also accused the Maywood Police Department of kidnapping him twice from his home.

Adding to the confusion, Brown seemed to be under the impression his mother was on vacation. He vehemently denied the news of her death, calling it “fake news” and expressing his belief that she was retired and vacationing in Sinaloa.

The body of Myrtle Brown, Sergio’s mother, was discovered on the same day relatives informed authorities that they were unable to contact either Sergio or his mother.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled her death a homicide, stating she died of “multiple injuries due to assault.”

In the midst of this tragic and bewildering situation, Brown’s brother, Nick, took to Instagram to mourn their mother’s death and urge his missing brother to return home. It remains unclear whether law enforcement considers Sergio Brown a suspect in his mother’s death.

This story is a chilling reminder of the personal tragedies that can befall even those who seem to have it all.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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