President Trump’s Innovative Border Security Concept: Alligators and Water-filled Moats

Former President Trump has suggested an unconventional solution to the ongoing border crisis. In a meme shared on Wednesday, Trump proposed using alligators as a deterrent for migrants attempting to cross the U.S. border illegally.

The meme, which was posted on Trump’s Truth Social website, depicted six alligators with the words ‘new border security’ and ‘will work for food’ superimposed over it.

This provocative suggestion comes at a time when border crossings returned to levels seen before the discontinuation of Title 42, with apprehensions reaching 8,000 on a single day.

This isn’t the first time Trump has proposed such unorthodox measures for border security. According to a 2019 report by The New York Times, the former president previously suggested fortifying his border wall with a moat filled with snakes or alligators.

He had also proposed electrifying the border fence or adding spikes to its top. However, these suggestions were met with resistance from White House staff, who informed him shooting migrants in the legs, another idea he floated, was illegal.

The rise in border apprehensions this month follows a drop in numbers after Joe Biden’s administration ended Title 42 following a lengthy court battle.

The administration introduced new procedures aimed at reducing incentives for illegal migration and encouraging more migrants to use an online application process.

Despite these measures, border arrests surged to 8,000 in May, overwhelming U.S. border facilities. However, policy changes led to a significant decrease in arrests, with numbers dropping to around 3,500 in the intervening months, according to CNN.

The situation at the border has been further complicated by the suspension of rail services in northern Mexico due to safety concerns. A freight train company announced the suspension of 60 cargo trains, a move that could significantly impact international trade.

Trump’s latest suggestion has been met with mixed reactions. While some view it as an apparent joke, others see it as a reflection of his hardline stance on immigration.

As the presidential campaign heats up, immigration is set to be a top issue, with Republican candidates criticizing the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis.

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