Funny Tweets About The Queue To See Queen’s Casket

One volunteer queue steward told BuzzFeed News that the large number of people patiently waiting in line is a testament to their respect for the Queen. The steward added that even if it rained, the people would still be there.

A National Health Service worker from Kent named Kate Fryer, despite having a bad hip, waited in the queue for five hours. She praised the organizers for making the process as accessible as possible for people with mobility issues.

Fryer expressed her gratitude to the organizers, saying, “They’ve been so good. It’s so well organized,” in an interview with BuzzFeed News.

Once mourners reach the end of the line, they enter Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin is lying in state. The casket is surrounded by ceremonial guards, and atop it rests a dazzling crown. The BBC livestream captures this poignant scene, showing people in line silently pausing beside the coffin. Some bow, some shed tears, but all feel a profound sense of historical significance.

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