Members Of The Royal Family Gathered For The Queen’s Coffin Procession In London

During the procession, people from various Commonwealth nations came to pay their respects.

Rifat Soyfoo, who was born in the UK but has Pakistani heritage, expressed his deep admiration for the royal family. Despite his Pakistani roots, he feels connected to the royal family because of his British upbringing and his past affiliation with the Commonwealth. Soyfoo saw this occasion as an opportunity to honor the Queen. He mentioned how people often talk about the Queen’s tireless and selfless work, and how she brought the nation together regardless of people’s backgrounds.

Chris Imafidon, a professor of British Nigerian descent, acknowledged the immense impact the Queen had made. He highlighted that she was not merely a distant monarch, but someone who actively engaged with the community. Imafidon mentioned that the Queen had collaborated with his charity in the inner city and even invited their students to visit the palaces.

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