Furious Reactions to the Hunter Biden Plea Deal Come in, as James Comer, Jonathan Turley, and Others Push Back – RedState

As reported by RedState, the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax dealings and illegal possession of a firearm concluded on Tuesday with a lenient outcome.

Under the plea deal, Biden will only plead guilty to two misdemeanors for not filing taxes and will receive pre-trial diversion for lying on a federal form to buy a gun.

There has been a strong backlash to this news. Representative James Comer expressed his dissatisfaction, stating that Hunter Biden is getting off lightly despite growing evidence of corruption, influence peddling, and potential bribery.

Many share Comer’s sentiments. After five years of investigation, it is deemed laughable that the Department of Justice (DOJ) could only come up with two misdemeanor charges for tax evasion. The emails from Biden’s laptop discussing corrupt activities and influence peddling, along with pictures of him using drugs and engaging with prostitutes across state lines, paint a different picture.

Jonathan Turley compared the plea agreement to ticketing the getaway driver after a bank robbery, emphasizing the evasion of more serious allegations against Hunter Biden and his family. The influence peddling accusation is seen by many as a significant form of corruption, but Biden will only plead guilty to relatively minor charges.

While Hunter Biden’s associates face substantial prison sentences, Biden himself seems to be getting away with no jail time. This is an apparent double standard that contrasts with how others have been treated in similar circumstances.

Brett Tolman, a former US Attorney, criticized the deal as an offensive deviation from standard policy and a favor granted to politically connected individuals. He highlighted the discrepancy in charges faced by Hunter Biden compared to thousands of others involved in drug and firearm-related crimes.

Contrary to claims that this is a typical arrangement, the case of FPSRussia, a popular online figure who received a prison sentence for possessing marijuana while owning firearms, demonstrates a different approach by the federal government. In comparison, Hunter Biden was caught on video with an illegal firearm while distributing drugs but faces no charges.

Although CBS News suggests that other investigations could result in more severe charges against Hunter Biden, some express doubts about the sincerity of these claims. Many believe that the DOJ intentionally avoided pursuing the more serious charges against Biden and his family while still claiming to enforce the law.

While there may still be political repercussions from the ongoing House investigation into the Biden family’s corruption, it appears that the legal outcome is already determined. However, some remain hopeful that they will be proven wrong.

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