Leaked Audio Files Reveal Biden’s Relations with Petro Poroshenko

There have been numerous scandals surrounding Joe Biden and his family’s business dealings, particularly in Ukraine. However, the media has consistently downplayed or ignored these revelations to protect Biden. The latest leaked audio files expose Biden’s relationship with Ukrainian representative Petro Poroshenko, with Biden assuring Poroshenko that he will be protected from the FBI. If a Republican president had made similar assurances, it would have been considered incriminating. But Biden appears to have control over the FBI and uses it to target anyone who speaks out against him.

Biden family’s corrupt business practices

The Biden family has been involved in unethical business dealings in Ukraine, benefiting financially without facing any consequences. These deals were orchestrated by Joe and his son Hunter. As a serving president, Joe Biden is immune to legal action while in office, which allowed him to engage in such practices without fear of accountability.

Recently, leaked audio files have emerged that capture Joe Biden assuring Petro Poroshenko that he will be protected from the FBI. This revelation would be considered incriminating for any Republican president. However, Biden seems to have control over the FBI and uses it to his advantage by orchestrating probes and home raids against those who oppose his agenda.

A politicized FBI

Dan Bongino discussed the contents of the leaked tape on his show, highlighting the lack of media coverage on the matter. It is evident that Biden’s allies are working to prevent major media channels from reporting on it. This silence further tarnishes Biden’s image and raises questions about the integrity of the FBI.

Given Biden’s ability to evade scrutiny in similar situations in the past, it is unlikely that any significant action will be taken regarding this incident. However, the continuous exposure of such corrupt practices raises doubts about Biden’s integrity and the impartiality of the FBI.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.

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