Grocery Store Faces Backlash for Attempting Woke Pandering

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have chosen to engage in pandering to woke culture. However, this strategy has consistently backfired, as seen with companies like Target, Bud Light, and others.

Current polls show that the majority of Americans believe major corporations should stay out of political and cultural debates. Moreover, many people support boycotting businesses that insist on getting involved in such matters.

Now, a grocery store chain in Washington state is facing potential backlash for engaging in woke pandering, according to an article by the Gateway Pundit.

Misstep by Haggen

Haggen grocery stores are asking customers to make donations to “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) awareness” at the checkout counter.

DEI is associated with a far-left agenda focused on race and gender ideology. Haggen also supports other leftist causes, giving customers the option to donate to these causes or opt out.

It remains unclear why Haggen would choose to involve itself in political matters, given the negative consequences that other well-known businesses have faced.

The Fallout Begins

On social media, numerous Americans have made it clear that they have no interest in supporting a business that encourages DEI donations. People are questioning why Haggen decided to do this and whether the store will retract its donation request due to public backlash.

As Haggen pushes for DEI funds, the effects of this ideology are already being seen in schools, where children are being exposed to it. Many parents across the country have objected to DEI and similar agendas being forced upon their students.

With Haggen now joining the trend, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to escape the influence of leftist ideology and talking points.

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