Surging Virus Threatens Community Again

In recent years, Americans have endured more than their fair share of infectious diseases and different governments’ reactions to them.

The emergence of COVID led to various leaders ripping away people’s rights and trying to coerce them into taking questionable vaccines with the threat of job loss. Because of onerous measures like lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, many people also lost their jobs and businesses.

While COVID is behind us, breaking news from the Gateway Pundit reveals that another infectious disease looks to be making a comeback of its own.

The Return of Malaria?

In Florida and Texas, there have been multiple malaria outbreaks at the local level. Medical officials find this understandably disturbing, since the virus hasn’t been spotted in America for two decades.

So far, all individuals to come down with malaria are getting the necessary medical care. Though questions have been raised about whether or not more infections could emerge. It’s become such an issue that the CDC already put out an advisory, warning people of these breakout cases.

If malaria does continue to spread, it remains to be seen how the government responds and whether individual liberties are put in peril again.

What to Look Out For

Warning signs of malaria include fatigue, chills, headaches, fever, and body aches. Generally, people come down with this virus via the bite of a Anopheles mosquito that’s already infected.

However, malaria also spreads through contaminated needles, the transplant of organs, transfusion of blood, and, in rare cases, while a baby is still in the mother’s womb.

Once an individual comes down with malaria, they’ll require swift and effective medical care. Otherwise, it can go from an infection to a life-threatening ailment.

So far, there are no indicators that the cases of malaria in Florida and Texas are connected to one another.

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