Mother Who Instructed Son to Assassinate 32-Year-Old Man Escapes Murder Charges

The justice system isn’t what it used to be. Ever since Biden took control, district attorneys have been working around the clock to keep actual criminals on the street and incriminate law-abiding, taxpayer Americans.

After being arrested over allegations that she’d ordered her 14-year-old son to kill a man she’d been arguing with, Carlishia Hood has now been set free, with prosecutors dropping all charges against the pair.

“Equality” at its finest

The man in question, 32-year-old Jeremy Brown, started arguing with the woman while waiting in line for food at a local hot dog stand. Upon hitting her several times, her son exited their car and gunned him down, sparking debate over whether his actions were justified.

The prosecution dropped the charges after newfound evidence surfaced, showing the altercation in full detail and revealing that Brown was the first one to get physical; although he did warn Hood what was coming.

In the heat of the moment, the man brutally began pummelling the 35-year-old woman, prompting her son to exit the vehicle and come to the rescue, using her licensed firearm which was stashed inside her purse.

Immediately after seeing his mother getting pummeled in the corner of the fast food place, the 14-year-old boy took out the firearm and shot Brown in the back. This caused him to flee from the scene, but not for long.

Additional casualties were prevented by the 14-year-old son

The real issue lies in the fact that Carlishia and her son didn’t just defend themselves from the attacker, but rather, chased after him and gunned him down in the street only to try and escape without notifying the authorities.

Of the many follow-up shots fired at Brown, only two hit him, causing him to succumb to his injuries later on. This could’ve been prevented had an EMT team been alerted of the shooting in time.

However, Brown wasn’t the only one to have found himself in the crosshairs of this dynamic duo. Hood also instructed her son to shoot the woman laughing at the battle between the two. As he refused, she tried to do it herself, albeit without any success.

One of the legal analysts at CBS even went as far as claiming the mother and son acted in self-defense; although one would be hard-pressed to view chasing after and shooting a man as an act of desperation.

Deadly force was used with the first shot. After Brown backed off, Hood and her son were to retreat to their car and call law enforcement, not take the law into their own hands and it’s exactly why this whole case is a joke.

As if murdering one man wasn’t enough, Hood even threatened to kill another civilian on the scene. That alone should be enough to have her locked up for a long time.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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