Hollywood Stunned as Prominent Christian Conservative Actor Shares Surprising Revelation

In Hollywood, it’s a known fact that entertainers who don’t adhere to left-wing agendas often get blacklisted. Finding roles, attending awards shows, and otherwise growing in their careers become much harder, if not virtually impossible.

However, there are still actors in the industry who are conservatives and Christians. Generally, they have to work longer and harder to come up in Hollywood and make themselves into household names.

One of the actors in question is Jim Caviezel. During a recent sitdown, Caviezel shared what his own experiences have been like as a Christian, conservative actor, per the Gateway Pundit.

This Looks Bad For Hollywood

When Caviezel scored a role to portray Disney character Edmond Dantes, Hollywood executives made it known that they didn’t want the mention of God anywhere in the movie’s script.

Caviezel wrestled with this, explaining that he couldn’t be part of the film if they wanted to erase God from it. Finally, the executives backed down from the initial plan of rewriting the script.

In other settings, the conservative actor has been vocal about the media misleading people and spreading fake news when it suits a certain agenda.

Caviezel’s Latest Project

Right now, Caviezel is starring in a new movie called Sound of Freedom. This film centers around the fight against human trafficking.

The conservative actor portrays the real-life Tim Ballard, a man who quit his job working for the Department of Homeland Security in order to found the anti-human trafficking organization known as Operation Underground Railroad.

Sound of Freedom is being praised as a much-needed film that draws attention to the evils of human trafficking. The movie also shines a light on how predators target children to be trafficked and exploited.

Right now, Sound of Freedom is in theaters nationwide. Caviezel and others involved in the project are urging Americans everywhere to go see it.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.

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