North America’s Largest Roller Coaster Forced to Close After Startling Revelation

An American dad made a shocking discovery at a major amusement park.

A giant crack in a beam supporting the biggest roller coaster on this continent led to the shutdown of the stunning facility just days later.

Giga Worriers about Giga Coaster

The scary discovery that a cracked beam could bring down the giga coaster, which is the “fastest, longest, and tallest” in North America, was made at the Carowinds Park in North Carolina last week, The Gateway Pundit reports.

The huge roller coaster – aptly named Fury 325 – was closed to visitors last Friday after a second visitor of the facility found photos that seemed to show the very same crack observed six days earlier.

The crack was noticed by Jeremy Wagner, a native of Conover, North Carolina, while he was riding the Fury 325 together with his children.

He told WBTV he made a video showing the crack and alerted the Carowinds security, asking for the giga coaster – a roller coaster measuring 300-399 feet in height – to be closed down.

After Wagner left, he wasn’t certain if the park would follow through, but later found out that its management did close the facility. His post on Facebook together with a video and photos said the giga coaster moved 2-4 feet because of the crack.

He told the local TV station he was very worried the coaster might not be shut down because of the July 4 weekend and the park’s 50th anniversary.


Weird Crack Was There For A While

A spokeswoman for Carowinds, Courtney Weber, told The Charlotte Observer the park’s management was responding to the discovery. It’s launching an inspection into the condition of the Fury 325.

She said it would remain shut down for the duration of the investigation, as “safety” is the park’s “top priority.” Weber claimed all park rides were inspected on a daily basis to guarantee they functioned properly.

Yet, a North Carolina woman, Tiffany Collins Newton took photos several days before the giga coaster’s closure that suggest otherwise.

The photos from June 24 show the same crack in the Fury 325 had been in place for at least a few days before Wagner raised the alarm about it on social media.

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