John W. Warner IV, Historian, Explores the Intricate Connections Between the Deep State and UFO Sightings

The well-known author and historian John W. Warner IV has a unique view of how the internal mechanics of the US federal government work.

He is the son of late Virginia Senator John Warner and Catharine Mellon (heiress to the financially affluent Mellon family).

Warner also has roots stemming from the deep state and the military-industrial complex. Such experience has given him insight into the various schemes within the government, whether it be the recent UFO trend or simple corruption among politicians.

To Warner, the Entire Scheme is a Very Detailed Complex Web of Interlocking Parts

According to his son, Senator John Warner was an honest man. He believed all politicians, including presidents, were already financially influenced and controlled before assuming office.

According to Warner, the interest in extraterrestrial entities that surged in recent public discord stems from, of all places, financial incentives by those in authority.

To the deep state, it’s not much of a concern when someone claims that aliens exist, but the problems start when the government’s treaties with such entities through illegal channels become exposed.

However, Warner says no business or government in the world correlates as much power and wealth through diabolical methods described as human trafficking, another evil disguised by the elites.

Warner: Global Elites Have Gone to Tremendous Lengths to Cover Up Their Tracks in These Dealings

A more severe problem rests with the clouding of the minds by the elite, whether it is through the media, religions, governments, and other prominent institutions. Warner, however, says the lack of faith in some of these establishments helps reveal their agenda.

Despite some efforts to overcome these obstacles, Warner believes these elites have vast amounts of money and resources, which would take years to blow through.

Warner does remain optimistic, though.

These distractions will eventually reach a tipping point where secrets will become known to the public, which is already skeptical following three years of coronavirus lockdowns and widespread suspicion of the government since the 1970s.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.

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