Surprising: Democratic Senator Utters Strong Language on Senate Floor

Sen. LaTonya Johnson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, spoke on the congressional floor last Wednesday. She used some strong language and made offensive remarks.

Outrageous and Offensive

A newly released Republican state spending blueprint was the focus of Johnson’s profanity-laced speech, as the state senator representing the 6th district of Wisconsin.

“F- the suburbs…because they don’t understand a godd*mn thing concerning how it is when living in the city,” Johnson said to her Senate counterparts.

Johnson’s offensive remarks were originally reported by Scott Bauer of the AP.

Her outburst was prompted by concerns about Milwaukee’s crime and fears that it may be spreading to the suburbs. Even some Democratic lawmakers expressed opposition to Johnson’s rude and offensive remarks, but she has yet to retract them.

Johnson was defended by Wisconsin state legislator Francesca Hong, who claimed she was only speaking “passionately.”

Hong Excuses Terrible Behavior

According to Hong, Republicans are responsible for “legislating racism.” Here’s what Hong posted on Twitter (with some misspellings):

Many Twitter users pointed out that those who choose to live in the suburbs are actually very aware of what it’s like to live in the cities, which is why they’ve made the decision to live elsewhere.

Others suggested that instead of complaining, Johnson should focus on addressing the issues that city dwellers currently face.

According to the Badger Institute, Johnson’s profanity comes at a time when violence in Milwaukee remains a significant problem. A report from last March by the non-profit Wisconsin organization stated that compared to 2019, crime in Milwaukee has risen by 22.6%, with violent crime up 15.6% and property crime up 26% in the past three years.

Milwaukee ranked third in the nation for violent crime last month, according to, which relies on FBI data.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.

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