Antifa Activist Confesses to Wrongdoing Amidst January 6 Protest

Americans have long warned that there’s more to January 6 than what the mainstream media is telling. However, they’ve been dismissed as conspiracy theorists for making some valid points.

One of the issues gaining attention is the role that Antifa played in provoking chaos, anger, and inciting violence. Yet, these claims weren’t taken seriously for some time.

Once again, the legacy media got it wrong. Breaking news from the Gateway Pundit reveals that at least one Antifa activist just admitted to instigating mayhem over two years ago.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Barry Ramey is currently imprisoned for protesting on January 6. However, when he spoke with the Gateway Pundit, he revealed information about Josiah Kenyon. Kenyon is an Antifa activist who played a much larger role in the events of January 6 than what the media acknowledges.

Kenyon was arrested by law enforcement officials for his involvement in the January 6 Capitol protest. However, during his conversation with the authorities, Kenyon admitted to being a communist and stated that he went to the Capitol that day to cause trouble.

This Antifa activist, as per his own confession, used a table to attack police officers with the intention of provoking the police to shoot Trump supporters. Kenyon also admitted to experiencing mental health problems like depression in January 2021.

Deafening Silence From the Media

While there have been mainstream reports that Kenyon was among those sentenced in connection to January 6, there has been little coverage regarding his motives for going to the Capitol.

It’s not making nationwide headlines that Kenyon was involved with Antifa and essentially wanted to lure Trump supporters to their demise.

With Kenyon now admitting to all of this, it raises the question of how many other Antifa activists went to the Capitol to cause trouble.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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