Questions Arise from Jeopardy Star’s Mysterious Disappearance

For decades, many Americans have been tuning into Jeopardy!

This show is all about quizzing contestants, seeing what they know, and how fast they can arrive at the right answers. The various rewards offered by the show also motivate contestants to bring their A-game each and every time.

However, in the case of one contestant, there’s some mystery surrounding her disappearance that’s been largely unexplained. According to NPR, Barbara Lowe Vollick made quite the impression while competing on Jeopardy in the late 1980s.

Though what followed with her next brings more questions than answers.

What Happened to Vollick?

During Vollick’s time as a contestant on the show, she wowed viewers by securing five consecutive game victories. This is virtually unheard of.

Yet, despite the clear impact Vollick had on the show, her Jeopardy episodes appear to have disappeared from its reruns and even its archives. To make matters more interesting, she qualified for the Tournament of Champions, yet never showed up to compete.

NPR has since discovered that despite Vollick’s popularity in the 80s, by the time the 90s rolled around, executives linked to the show didn’t have very good things to say about her.

She was also accused of poking fun at her fellow contestants before eventually gaining a reputation as one of the show’s villains.

Vollick’s Version of the Story

In an article on The Ringer, Vollick shares her version of events during her time on Jeopardy. This dives into her show episodes no longer being readily accessible, accusations of how she treated fellow contestants, and more.

On social media, the piece covering Barbara Lowe Vollick’s story has already gained traction.

To this day, Jeopardy is still an active show where viewers can tune in to see people being quizzed on what they know about a variety of subject matters.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.

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