Michelle Obama Expresses Frustration After SCOTUS Rules Against Affirmative Action

Towards the end of June, the Supreme Court delivered a clear and concise ruling regarding affirmative action. The court determined that race-based admissions to universities are not constitutional.

This news quickly spread across social media with various opinions being shared. Conservatives praised the ruling, asserting that admissions to higher education should be solely based on merit.

However, Democrats opposed the verdict, considering it racist and asserting that universities should also eliminate legacy admissions.

Former first lady Michelle Obama, a Democrat, expressed her dissent towards the Supreme Court’s ruling according to the Gateway Pundit.

It Begins

Obama’s response to the Supreme Court’s ruling emphasized that affirmative action levels the playing field for disadvantaged students. She also called for policies that she sees as fair and equitable.

However, Obama’s multi-paragraph statement conveniently leaves out a crucial detail. While she attended Princeton, it was not due to affirmative action but rather because her older brother was admitted.

This could be considered a form of “legacy admissions” that Democrats are now advocating to eliminate.

America Responds

Obama’s statement received backlash on social media from those who agree with the Supreme Court’s decision but disagree with her argument that a merit-based system is unfair.

It remains to be seen how universities will adjust their admission processes in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Several prestigious institutions have already expressed opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision and align more with Obama’s viewpoint.

What do you think?

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