New Study Links Reddit to the Radicalization of Democrats

If you’ve ever been to Reddit, you may already know why the website’s slogan “The Front Page of the Internet” is one that didn’t hold up over the years. Democrats are the main culprits.

The main issue lies in the fact that the website doesn’t use any algorithm to curate posts for users, but rather, relies on upvotes from the userbase. This leaves a lot of room for misuse and peddling when a larger group comes together to support some ridiculous idea.

How bad can a forum be?

Because of this, Reddit became like a breeding ground for far-left radicalism. If it wasn’t for the woke mob upvoting every Republican-hating post on the website, the overly biased moderators would fill in the gaps.

With so many years of simmering on these political subreddits, the website practically became a woke echo chamber, giving radicalism a platform, while also being opposed to free speech.

That being said, most of the threats these Reddit users make are, without a doubt, harmless in more ways than one; they were probably typed from their parents’ basement without the intent to ever leave.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. There are those who will gladly throw away any empathy and common sense for the sake of being viewed as a hero by the members of their subreddit; that’s probably as pathetic as it can get.

An army of no-lifers?

To make matters worse, moderators aren’t picked based on their ability to moderate content, but rather, their willingness to do so, making it a perfect job for any unemployable lib with a god complex.

However, these moderators are far from unbiased. In most cases, their political views are far-left, without even giving the actual truth a chance. This often results in hundreds of users being banned from said subreddit.

In a way, Reddit, which was once praised for the ability to express one’s opinions, is now controlled by an army of basement dwellers and woke control freaks. They will ban anyone brave enough to question whether something that was posted is actually true.

Many have blamed this fall from grace on social media; although the headlines will certainly tell you a different story, considering only right-wing radicalization is ever covered by the mainstream media channels.

Even the language on the platform is highly susceptible to radicalization. Most users won’t shy away from being aggressive and belittling the person they’re conversing with to get their point across.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.

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