NYC Mayor Accused of Verbal Attack on Holocaust Survivor, Referring to Her as a “Plantation Owner”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has proven to be the troublesome, selfish Democratic city “leader” we’ve become accustomed to, despite pre-election appearances suggesting he would be a new brand of Democrat to bring some form of sanity back to the Big Apple.

NYC Mayor Has Hissy Fit

This is further demonstrated by an event that occurred last week at a neighborhood gathering in Washington Heights.

Adams became furious after receiving harsh criticism on the recent approval of rent hikes by the Rent Guidelines Board, which Adams appointed. He yelled at a senior white woman critic, labeling her a “plantation owner” for no apparent reason.

At a town hall gathering in Washington Heights on Wednesday, Adams admonished Jeanie Dubnau, a Holocaust survivor, saying, “Don’t stand front and center like you treated a person who is on the plantation that you own.”

When Dubnau rose during the discussion, she pointed at Adams and asked, “Why in New York City, where the property market is managed by you, are we experiencing these terrible rent hikes the year before and this year?”

This started a conversation involving the mayor and Dubnau. She was referring to the recent rate increases that the city’s Guidelines Board authorized for rent-stabilized apartments.

The mayor is the one who appoints members of the board.

“All right, first off, if you’re planning to ask me something, don’t point at me or treat me disrespectfully. Please treat me with the reverence that I deserve because I am the mayor of this city,” stated Adams, continuing with the word “plantation,” and adding, “I’m addressing you as a grown-up.”

Unnecessary Reaction

Adams has faced widespread criticism for overreacting and turning this issue into a racial matter when it had nothing to do with race. Critics are also displeased with the way he spoke to a Holocaust survivor.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.

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